5 Days 4 Nights Package 1

Code: 5D4N-1

Rate for 2 persons: 14,700 Pesos



Day 1

7:30 AM ETA at PPS Airport

Pick up of Van Transfer from PPS Airport to El Nido

2:00 PM ETA at El Nido

Check-in at El Nido Accommodation

Day 2

El Nido Island Hopping Tour C

Day 3

Visit to Nacpan Beach and Maremegmeg Beach

Day 4

El Nido Island Hopping Tour A

Day 5

5:30 AM ETD Van Transfer from El Nido to PPS Airport

11:30 AM ETA at PPS Airport

12:30 PM Check-in at PPS Airport

2:30 PM ETD Flight out of PPS Airport


You could also book with us without accommodations. Below are the rates.

with Accommodation without Accommodation
1 person 11,100 Pesos 5,100 Pesos
2 persons 14,700 Pesos 8,700 Pesos
3 persons 19,500 Pesos 12,300 Pesos
4 persons 25,400 Pesos 17,400 Pesos
5 persons 30,000 Pesos 21,000 Pesos
6 persons 35,400 Pesos 24,600 Pesos
7 persons 40,800 Pesos 28,200 Pesos
8 persons* 48,600 Pesos 34,200 Pesos
9 persons* 52,800 Pesos 36,600 Pesos
10 persons* 57,000 Pesos 39,000 Pesos

* Private Van Transfer.

If the number of your group is not located in the above tell us.


  • For groups less than 7 persons, the rate for the above is for group/sharing tours.
  • All our El Nido Island Hopping Tours are inclusive of free lunch, mask & snorkel, life vest and guides to assist you.
  • Visit to Nacpan Beach does NOT include lunch, but you can order lunch at the restaurants there for 250 pesos/person.
  • We require a 25% non-refundable downpayment for reservation of tours and transfers and 50% non-refundable downpayment for reservation of accommodations. This is deductable from your total bill.

Accommodation Booking Guide

This is for those who will not be booking their accommodation with us.

El Nido Day 1 to Day 5 4 Nights

Flight Booking Guide

You can avail this tour if you book your flight on the following schedule

Day 1 ETA Flight to Puerto Princesa 5:30AM to 4:00PM
Day 5 Flight out of Puerto Princesa Not earlier than 2:00PM

Reservation Process

Send us an email at northernhopetours@gmail.com and tell us the following

  • Code of the package tour
  • Number of persons in your group
  • Flight Details